Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A bucket full of love!

Did you know that at Dottedi we have this lovely collection of buckets? Some really lovely, unique and funky ones at that. Errr... before you think why would we sell funky bathing buckets, let me tell you these are gifting buckets - some empty, some full. Curious? Excited? Wanna know more? 
Here is our latest collection of buckets with some old and very popular ones and some new additions.

Know of friends or family expecting a baby or have had a baby? This cute little baby bucket is the perfect way to gift baby stuff in. You can fill in goodies or things that the baby will need. You can buy an empty bucket or a toy can be added. It can be reused later in multiple ways. 

Want to gift something to someone and are bored of the options available? Or just want to brighten up a spot in the room? Try this colourful Polka dot bucket. It is so much fun! It comes empty but you can use it to gift stuff or store your stationary, candy, clothes pegs, napkin rings, art accessories and so much more.

If you are looking for some more gifting options, we have this cute Present pail with the attractive presents, balloons, flowers, candy and all things nice, all over it. A welcome change to all the wrapping papers, newspapers and gum and tape.

For all you lovers of all things vintage, we have the "My Little Old Pail". It is flowery, pink and as 60s as it gets. It is inspired from colonial ceramic floral prints. In addition to using it for gifting, you can use it to show off lovely fresh flowers, store those beautiful pearls and trinkets or to keep yummy Christmas cookies safe from naughty little hands ;)

We also have some lovely theme buckets to celebrate happy occasions! Someone you know is getting married soon? How about this bucket with a list of 100 things to do before you get hitched? You can create a customised list of things to do or use the standard list we have. Makes for a fun, unique and memorable experience.

Throwing a bachelorette for your girl friend who is getting married soon? Get this Bachelorette pail which comes with a pack of party cards, 8 printed napkins with a game, a banner, 8 badges and 8 funky balloons. We also call it the "Last fling before the Ring" pail. *Wink Wink!

For the love struck fellows we have these 2 lovey dovey options to spice up your love life. The Love Pail and the 100 Reasons Why I Love You Pail. The love pail has a few 100 quirky reasons why you love your partner- on a toilet roll, a love band, a naughty dice game, a beautiful scented candle and some potpourri. So go ahead buy this bucket and set up that date night! 
The 100 reasons why I love you bucket has a list of 100 reasons why you love him/her. You get a standard list of reasons with the bucket or you can personalise them. Make it oh-so-special for someone!

The next time you think of making someones gift extra special, think of using these pails. Makes for a memorable experience and a unique one at that :) 
Happy gifting!!  

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

To gift and what to gift?

"For the love of God, don't ask me what I am going to gift to friends and family this Diwali. Because I don't know!" said my aunt.
"It is so confusing, same story every year. Should I give the tea set to the Mehtas? Oh, but I think I gave them a tea set last year too. 
Maybe a dabba (box) of mithai for the Sharmas. But the same kind of mithai is there everywhere in the market. Mine will also be just another dabba. I want it to be different, something nice, something new, something fun and something that they will remember for a long time."

Familiar scene during festival season?
Struggling to think of that "nice, different, perfect" gift?
Want to break away from the mundane and cliched stuff ? 

Here are some things you can try out this season and do let us know how it worked out :) 

Cute eh? You can even send tarts and mini cupcakes with a festive theme. 

Sick of all the mithai (sweets) going around? Gift someone the tea hamper to soothe those frazzled festive season nerves, to help them relax. 

Know someone who loves to host taash (cards) parties?? Perrrfect gift for them - the funky playing cards which can be customized with a photograph of your choice.
Or a box of the You're The Bomb mint chocolates. Apt for gifting to your firecracker friends :) 

Are you hosting a party at your place? Need some funky shot glasses? In addition to making people feel happy, they also make for great conversation starters :) 

And for all the post festive season recovery, this Pamper me Spa Pail will be awesome! It is the perfect gift to spoil your friends and yourself ;) 

None of these work for you? Still confused about what to give? No worries. We have some super fun gift certificates for you. Reach out to us. 

Wishing you a fun filled, happy and warm festive season ahead. Happy shopping and gifting! 

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Monstrous First Birthday

This month, 12 years ago I had done 3 birthday parties and promised myself to never be anxious of an order. Now, 12 years later... with over 1500 birthday parties, I am anxious about a new theme. Ahem!! Such is life of a Creative person handling a parent's dream


Client Brief: A Monster Birthday Bash.
Inspired by: Honeymoon in Paris and seeing the costume at a store, plus Monster University Movie.
Di Team’s Task: Sourcing and creating 1 eyed Monsters at a 5 star luxury hotel in Bangalore. 

  • Candy Bar: Monster lollipops, color coded candies and multicolor layered jello cups
 – Incredible  cupcakes cake with lots of eyes, googly eyes and colorful polka dots

  • Centre Pieces: Fur table linen and  decorated buckets with Monstrously cute characters!
  •  Main Course All the dishes converted to Monster Names; example “Monster Lice” instead of Monster Rice
  • Photo Booth:  Decor with balloons to complete the Monster Look
  • Buntings and Paper Danglers with the same theme
From the dozens of googly eyes and colorful candies to adorable felt monsters, Medhansh’s Monster Themed Birthday Party had it all !
A blue and green colour palate with accents of red in a darkened room with smoke machine’s and noises made it mysterious, not to mention the walkway done with only googly eyes all over the place. 
The Decor Around the place was filled with cute Monsters, not to mention, loads of  paper Decor hand cut at our Studio. 


Monster Cake

Cookie Monsters

Bird's Eye View Of the Place

We loved arranging this party. It was super fun!! If you would like to do this for someone you know, do let us know :) 
Have a lovely week ahead! 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Little Treats for all the Sweet Moments of Life

So you’re throwing a little soiree for all your friends to celebrate that new job of yours or just a little tea party. You need to have some kind of snacks or sweets for all your guests…but you don’t want it to be the plain old items like biscuits or cakes. Well, here’s a little something just for those of you out there who fit this description. Here at Dotted I, we provide you with all kinds of little treats that can make those little occasions that much more memorable. From cupcakes to complete Gourmet hampers, we have just about anything you might need.

“If you can’t get bread, eat cake”. This is a phrase commonly attributed (or is it misattributed?) to Queen Marie Antoinette of France who lived sometime in the 18th century. Here at Dotted I, we make that phrase a reality. Take a look at some of our quirky, fun and most importantly, delicious gourmet products for everyone to enjoy…

Throwing a bachelorette party for your best friend? Try the naughty cup cakes. They are sweet and at the same time will add a little spice to the party too.

You just had a huge fight with your friend and you want to make things right. Send them our special “I Am Sorry” tarts to lighten the mood. It’s literally a very “sweet” way to apologize right?

Macaroons…heard of ‘em? Well, until I came to Dotted I, I hadn’t. But one thing’s for sure- they’re delicious. Best part is they come in whole jars so you can either share the joy or just end up having more for yourself. Personally, I would prefer the second option.

Well, I love lollipops…and I love cakes & brownies too. Any way I can have both at the same time? If you have asked that question at any point of time, then we have the perfect thing for you. Our cake pops and brownie pops combine the best of both worlds and give you the pleasure of eating a cake or brownie while feeling like you’re having a lollipop.

Well, I could keep listing all the items available and describe them to you but why deprive you of the fun of discovering it for yourself? Check out our complete list right here.

Well, that’s it for now. I better stop with the sweets before I get a sugar rush. Until next time, take care.

Signing off,
New recruit at Team Dotted I

Monday, 23 September 2013

A Little Dream

When I was just a little girl, I was always fascinated by ribbons, balloons and gifts. Like all little girls, I believed in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Ginger Bread man. As I grew older, my  dream was to visit Walt Disney… and travel… and SHOP… and EAT… and, well, SUGGEST… and I wondered: what if I could actually shop for a living? That would be my ideal dream job! Because, yes, I love to dream.

A bachelor's degree in Business Management from one of the best institutes in the country. A Master’s  in Creative Business from the “Queen’s Land” and yet unemployed for 8 months! This is what drove Naadia Mirza to become OCD and learn about every single brand in town. All she dreamed about was spas, holidays and decorating her room in new and funky ways.

One fine morning, Mommy dearest sat her down and told Naadia she couldn’t continue to live like this. It was best for her to get "married". OUCH!!! Mommy had used the “M” word! Naadia was totally freaked out. Driven by the sheer fear of being married off and subsequently completely bored, Naadia launched The Suitcase Shop.

What was The Suitcase Shop?
It's simple. On one of my many holidays, I picked up an entire set of knick-knacks using borrowed money. This included nasty stickers, funky one-liners, raunchy bachelorette party stuff as well as a really expensive laptop (which was a completely impulsive buy and I'm still paying off the installments on it - eesh).

On arrival in India, 50 sms'es were promptly sent to friends and family. The Suitcase seemed to be filled with insulting nasty things and, guess what!? It was a big hit! Everyone seemed to love the quirky and unpredictable things in it. But however much I enjoyed selling all of these things, I learnt two crucial lessons from this experience:
  1. I made NO profit.
  2. I seemed to LOVE the stuff so much that I chose whom I should sell it to! (this was pretty weird twisted logic) 
Post the experience of The Suitcase shop, I did a SWOT analysis of possible business opportunities. I listed what I knew about myself.
  • I loved creating new things
  • I have an obsessive need for perfection
  • I wanted to go out of the way to make people’s day
  • I wanted to share my experience of gourmet food and places in the city
  • I hated accounting and always needed my calculator while billing.

The "findings" of my analysis led to the birth of  a one-stop creative firm: the “Dotted I".

Why Dotted I?!
I’m constantly asked, why “Dotted I”?! As much as it seems like a lot of thought has gone into the name, truth be told, I have always loved scribbling in books and loved the activity book “Join the Dots”. It always gave me a sense of accomplishment that I had joined the dots! Of course a more mature and corporate way of saying things is “Always cross your t’s and dot the i's”. It describes perfection!

How are we different?
Well... we are a tight team with an uncanny knack for making you happy. It's all about our clients. We listen, we create. We love to put your ideas into action. No two days are ever the same at office.

Our cakes are a super hit because I taste each (yes, lots of calories is an occupational hazard). Our surprises have saved marriages! (ahem, I cannot mention names).  The balloons have matching ribbons and the bachelor parties seem to be loved by all.

Don’t you run out of surprises Naadia?!
Well, I'd love to say I DON’T, but I’m only human. There are days when I can’t seem to please a client, or days when I cannot think of something new. Those are the days that I spend shopping or redecorating office and making lemon chai with an Iranian Twist!

Signing off and hoping to give lots of updates to our fans,
Miss Mirza

P.S:  Dear Readers, thank you for reading till the end. I'm sure in today's day and age, we LOVE to read!
P.P.S: To all my friends and family who have stood by me through trying times... hate to say this, but it was kind of your duty!